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Fun! You've inspired me to have more conversations with my characters!
Funny piece. I'm sure many writers have similar conversations with their characters.
Speaking from a Reader's point of view: "I'm not a fan of fiction, so I don't read it as a rule. It usually bores me." HOWEVER, from a Writer's viewpoint: "I thought it very unique, creative and well written." From any point of view - You hit a Bull's Eye Topic-wise. Right on target!
Just lighthearted fun, debating with your character. It is when they take on a personality that you have to regard it as a writer. I know my characters dictate the plot, too.
Loved it.
I LOVE this. So creative, and so much fun.

I think I've met Thelma somewhere. ;0)
Very funny
I love the way that your first lines really don't work at all. It's a truly dreadful start and it's absolutely brilliant for what you're actually doing. Wow, how creative!
Hahaha!!!!! This is so good. Creative, original, and just plain FUN! More please! :-D
Witty, sharp (ha ha) and weirdly inspiring - bet you weren't going for that one. I'll have to stop some of my characters mid-adventure and see how they react! Great fun.
The ending is perfect--chocolate at 3:30 a.m. solves everything. Fun read.
Oh, wow, this is so creative, funny, well-written, clever!! The begining really snagged my attention, and the ending was perfect. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, and I thought Thelma was a riot! :D Great job!
You've gone and done it--delivered a masterpiece!
Good, clean, all-around fun! Fantastic dialogue and such a creative twist on the topic. Wonderfully done.
Really creative! I love it. I'll never see my mc the same again.