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Cute! Cute! Cute!

Very imaginative and visual. You made me HUNGRY reading it and you made me laugh too!

Great job!
Well-written and humorous. The MC's voice is realistic and relatable. Good job.
I think so many of us can relate. Good subject for the topic. Good article.
Hilarious! As someone who is trying to eat better and exercise more, I can totally relate to this.

I also like the way you tied scripture in.

Well done.
"Been There" and "Done That"...don't know how many times! It isn't easy, but you made a cute story out of the trials and tribulations of "trying" to stick to the diet. Nicely written, and even made hum-drum lettuce salad sound "tasty". Creative entry with scripture references to back you up.
I love how she answers her Tempter with Scriptures (which coincidentally was my kid's Sunday School lesson this past Sunday). The last line made me giggle. So good!
I'm English and you've taught me something: English muffins I've never head of. Very good article on how not to slim i.e. longing for the nicer fattier foods - yum yum. I think most of us have been there. Hope I can do better after my next hols.
Its hols. - slim - hols. - slim etc., since my wife and I retired.
Thanks! Colin.
Very cute and sooo true!
Had to have a look at an article with waffles in the title after all my blog is called the wafflelator!
Loved the description of the food and the persistance which you stuck by using Bible verses to combat temptation. Something we all need to learn.