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I especially like #3 … "a favourite among a legion of your special favourite ones." You use some great descriptive words that make this a strong psalm (like perdition, mulish, etc ). This reads like a modern paraphrase would read.. Very nicely done!
Your personal "151st Psalm" is like sweet smelling incense to the Almighty, and music to His ear. I'm sure all Christians will say "Amen" to your Praises and Thanksgiving to our Father in Heaven for His love, Mercy and protection over each of we struggle to to Keep The Faith in this sin filled world that has lost it's way. I "Ditto" your words...and thank you for sharing this lovely devotional with us. Well done.
Yes, a lavish God He is.
Very strongly written and full of praise. I love it. It makes a prayer for today.
Wow! Beautiful phrasing and vivid word choices in this piece. It reads with a similar tone to the Psalms. Excellent work.
Wow - phrased in such an amazing way to the most Amazing GOD! A beautiful piece with sometimes gritty, sometimes poetic words. Well done.
Oh, how I loved your psalm!!!!! Simply beautiful, from the heart, and glorifying of our God. Lovely lovely lovely. Thank you for sharing this with us!

(I PM'd you with my red ink for your "contest". :) )
I loved your psalm. Number 8 is my favorite-in praise of all God's Creations. Very nice.
Awesome! My favorite is #4, for it rang so true for my own life.