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A very sweet story of man's best friend.
You don't know how much I needed to read this today! I babysit my grandchildren and one is definitely a "Buck." Today "Buck" has challenged me every step of the way. You story reminds me that there is a purpose in the way God has creatd my "Buck" and my "Boos." Thank you for hearing the voice of God and writing this enlightening story. Well done!
Such a sweet story! We can learn so much from animals-- lessons on love and loyalty and service to others. Thanks for this; I loved it.
I really enjoyed reading this...very tender. I own a "Buck" and a "Boo," only their names are "Sox" and "Mocha." Naturally, the female is the well-behaved of the two. :) Well written, and a nice feel-good story.
Somehow, I could hear James Stewart telling this story as I read it. Very smooth writing. Something very unique about the style.
Truly enjoyable.
As I write this, my 2 Aussies are at my feet, one saint and one rascal.
Absolutely lovely--you touched my non-dog-loving heart and made me love these two almost as much as you did.
Some human "Bucks" compare themselves to "Boos" all of life instead of resting in how God has made them. And if a life is filled with "shouts", God is faithful nevertheless, doing what it takes--little or much--to keep us all in line. Great writing.
I really like the voice of this. The love for your two dogs comes through. Great parallels (albeit unspoken) to humans and how we need to see each of them as God does - good - even when we only see bad.
The Title, "Buck and Boo", drew me in like a lure. Great take on the Topic, plus a sweet, lovable story of two of God's furry little creatures. As an avid fan of God's very creative animal kingdom, and partial to dogs, I enjoyed this story immensely! Well Done!