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Wonderfully developed introspection! You got me on the ending...I didn't see that coming. "In the True Light..." Very well written.
Unique and creative. I enjoyed this piece.
I think we would all benefit from seeing ourselves in the true light. A wonderful story.
Wow! Too bad everyone cannot see themselves as clearly as this artist. This is truly great writing--very well done.
This is one of the pieces that call me to read it again and again to catch all the nuances. In fact, it's probably a lot like your painting in that respect.

Well written and well done overall.
Beautifully written. I, too, wish we were all willing to allow ourselves to be seen in truth and humility, an eternal struggle for me. Very well done.
Excellent. I love the layers of meaning in this, much as is the case with good art. A powerful lesson in self-awareness.
I like the use of "the self-portrait" to visualize truth. It's so true that it's easy to get caught up in "one's self" and forget what we would be if not for God's grace. Thank you for sharing this!
Very creative and superbly written. A lesson for us all. Truly may the "True Light" shine on us but through us as well.
This is excellent, in message and in writing. I love it!
Ooo, I like this one! Only True Light can reveal to us what we really are - ugly sinners. Excellent writing. Very good!!
What an insight into the very soul of man! Now I understand the Title. Great writing, terrific creative talent, and something to "Ponder and think about."
I loved the writer's sly way of telling this story (by having the painter, himself, sitting on a bench watching and listening) and then introducing him as the self portrait painter who saw the Real Person behind the false facade. Excellent writing, very Impressive!
Very profound and thought provoking. Enjoyed. God the Great Artist is the only one who can paint a true picture of us. As you say by his light and perception.

Sigh. Emotional, deep, crisply written. This was eye-opening and skillfully presented. Well, well done.
Very good writing--captivating from the beginning. Excellent job with the topic.
It's so true that others can look at us and see what they want to see..but that it's not an accurate picture at all.

I like the introspective quality of this piece. The determination to peer past the surface "skin" to the real heart within.
Very insightful and loaded with meaning. We all need to look at ourselves with this type of honesty. Well-written.
Isn't that how it is? Others look at what is apparent and decide what is really there; whether good or bad. We all need the light of Truth to shine on us.