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Love the lesson here and Erica's nickname of "little missy" It fits her sooo well and I love her dialog it is true and authentic! Excellent story you have here!
Clever title. :)
I want an Auntie Jean!
Had to chuckle at-
“Somethin’ else on your mind?"

"No. ...Just these 10 things..." :)

Love the voices here...both distinct and on pitch.

Beautiful, memorable message.

I never turn my needlework over to admire the messy side-but I will think of it in a new way since reading your story. Everyone should have an Auntie Jean. Thumbs up on this one.
Awww, this is a sweet little gem of a story...
I loved the MC, and her tender wisdom to her niece. I could just see her looking over her granny style glasses and hoop at her "little missy".
Very well done!
Excellently written story with a wonderful analogy for a message.
Such a sweet story. I'm so glad Ericka has such a wonderful aunt. Good writing. Great pace and flow. Good descriptions of Ericka as she sat on the floor. I could picture her.
Loved being drawn into this story and "visiting" with the characters. I want a wise aunt like her.
You created good depth of character in not many words.

This is a sweet story and a good read. Kudos!
Nice writing and a great message. Well done.
Hmm, yes, all the knots, and threads in what appears to be a messy jumble, going every which way, unable to tell what the pattern is. Much like my life.
Very good characterization and message. Thanks!
I felt like this story built up to an excellent ending. At first, I wasn't sure where the story was headed, but as it progressed, I started to see the tie in with the needlepoint and with the girl and her aunt. I love the lesson that Auntie Jean teaches at the end. A great way to end this cute story. :)
Very sweet. I love the characters and their interaction. Auntie Jean is a treasure! Great lesson, here, too. Very nice!
Very nice story and a good lesson too. I don't want an aunt like that-I want to BE an aunt like that! Blessings.
This is sweet. Love the message and the MC. Love you you weaved life into your embroidery work. Great take on the topic.