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An interesting setting and way to tackle this topic. You had my complete attention all the way through and I was glad I got the chance to read this piece. Wonderful!
This was a creative take on the topic and contained an excellent message.
A great and creative take on the topic. I loved all the different perspectives, from the doctors to the various patients then back to the doctors again. Very nice!
Very creative. There were so many names to keep track of, I found myself sitting up straight and reading carefully. The story made me want to do that so that I wouldn't miss anything. Good job!
I read this one to hubby the other day. He kept stoping me, asking who? What?
It is a realistic picture of elevator activity, made me think of elevators in hospitals where Bill has been a patient. Same thing, in and out of such a mixture of emotions and stories.
Enjoyed it.
I agree with Kristen! I had to sit up and pay attention so I could follow along. The first section, though, was quite confusing and it was hard to figure out who was who! Otherwise, I really liked the way you approached this topic. "If only the elevator had eyes...." oh, wait I guess that's what video cameras are for. :)
Creative take on the topic. I like the little glimpses into different people's lives that you gave us.

Somehow, I think I will remember this the next time I get on an elevator.
A very complex story with a lot going on! There was certainly a lot to keep track of along the way, but I thought you wrapped it up and tied it all together very well at the end. Good job!
Wonderfully creative take on the topic. I liked the snapshots of life, and the reminder at the end how God gets us through it all. Well done.
This is simply brilliant - a linear, vertical look at the episodes of life, in and out of an elevator. You handled everything with restrained care, snippets of everyday life, casually observed.
This was a very different take on the subject, and done very well. Little windows into so many lives.
Very creative! I got a little lost with all the different names (a little description would have helped me).
Well done.
I enjoyed reading this original story. A day in the life of an elevator. How do you come up with these imaginative stories? Well done with a great message at the end.
Definitely have to pay attention with this one. Sitting in the hospital with my husband now and experience those. The man bringing food tohis children, the woman going going to visit grandma, the man who is a first time daddy...

Nice job.
Highly creative. It sort of reminded me of that cell phone commercial where you get little pieces of different conversations. Great use of dialogue and just enough detail.
Great story packed into a small space! Tim's right(on).
This piece moves along as qwuickly as the people enter and exit the elevator. Great job! Nicely written. Enough little brief views of the characters and I like the ending. Have a blessed day!!
When I read this a few days ago, I thought it was alot like the British Comedy, "Are You Being Served". Ever see it?
But, this portrays very well how people pop in and out of our lives...each with his own situation.
I love this! I have been in many of these character's shoes myself and spent many a ride in an elevator car at a hospital. Tears, laughter, anger, fear...all were my companions on the ride at one time or another. This fits the topic perfectly. You nailed it with this one.
Nice job. As previously stated, I kept going back to make sure I kept up with everyone. Sounds like a novel-in-waiting.
Reading this, I felt as though I was sitting, unobserved, in the corner of the elevator watching life with all its joys and sorrows.
Wow!... Perfect for the topic! If walls, or elevators could talk...