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What an awful situation! And I know it happens. The emotions were so real. So bittersweet.
Oh, so sad, and I didn't expect the ending. Great job with emotion.
Oooh, too real! My friend just lost his grandchild--stillborn. You know it's got to be good writing when it brings the same feelings of pain and frustration at not being able to help the poor guy. A technical point: if she was 8 1/2 months pregnant, she couldn't also be 3 weeks early.
Nicely done with great emotion.
This was very well-written, with a great buildup of suspense. I felt like it needed one more sentence--it just felt a bit fizzly to me. Excellent job with the wonderful/horrible mix of emotions.
This was very good, I was right there with them all the way.
Oh, how terribly sad. The vividness of the situation made the ending all the more heartbreaking. Very well written.
I could sense the tension and emotion here. The ending seemed too abrupt, though. Maybe a line with the word prayer to echo the previous sections would help.
This sad story really did fit this week's category. Good writing.
You captured the tension both of the couple and the hospital staff. I suspect from the technical language that this is written with some insider knowledge?
Oh man, as soon as I read that low BP, my heart started beating faster. This really got my emotions going! Great way to engage the reader and a good, though terribly sad, illustration of the beginning and the end topic.
This was well written and so sad but so real unfortunately. Thanks for writing it.
Well written. I felt the emotions you were conveying and you kept me focused and hopeful for both to the end.
Such a bittersweet story.
Very touching story with realistic characters and emotions. Great job.