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Thank you for encouraging me today with your article! I love the positive outlook and it encourages me to take a new perspective on challenges in my life. Well done.
This certainly didn't go where I was expecting it to. It's good that your MC can face adversities with a positive spirit
A nice devotional feel reminding me that God knows best and is in control of everything going on in my life. Nicely written.
Well-written first person testimonial...I enjoyed it.
A very touching testimonial...any type of chronic pain is such a spiritual hurdle. Glad to see that you have your mind on the end game. Lovely.
I like your title. Nicely done testimonial.
I found my self worrying about the daughter, who is taking care of her now? Very well written, it's hard to have peace when everything seems to be going wrong, but then, appearances can be deceiving.
The beginning was descriptive and drew me into reading more. I thought the fourth paragraph from the bottom was a bit abrupt. Since it is the turning point in the narrative, I thought it needed something more. You've created a realistic character here. Good work.
Inspiring testamonial. I agree that the transition to medical problem was a bit rushed. Otherwise, this is wonderful.
Great opening line! I had to keep reading to see where this would go. Well written
Thank you, everyone, for the comments and suggestions. I'm really surprised by all the positive feedback. I wasn't well enough to try to compete, so I just wrote about what I was experiencing and sent it in just for fun (and in case it could encourage anybody). Carole, my family and friends have come together to take care of my daughter, and of me as well. And an afterword of praise: I'm feeling much better now.
I enjoy and am encouraged by personal testimonials and appreciate you sharing yours. The last paragraph is perfect.
..."I don't know when it will end, but I do know that it will end well"...

I love that. Inspirational. Good job!
I liked the first line. It drew me in and made me curious.