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Your title drew me in as did the entire story. So much packed into the limited word count--amazingly done.
In this beautiful poetic prose is a marvelous story of grace, received and refused.
Your words filled my soul with tears. So sensitively felt and written.
Beautiful poetry in your prose--contrasts of cold and hot toward the end. The tragedy of this story feels very real. I'm curious about where you got the inspiration for your title.
Wow. This read like a letter (a very passionate one) and it all made sense when I learned she was talking to his grave. Very good. Real emotions. Compelling story. Loved the Latin. (My kids all take Latin. I'll have to test them on your phrases.) Bravo!
Beautifully, passionately portrayed.
Heartbreaking, and masterfully written. This just makes me ache--both for your narrator, and for the beauty of your prose.
That was so incredible.
Excellent! I'm amazed at how much story and emotion you could fit into the word limit. Beautiful!
This is an excellent example of superbly-rendered poetic prose!! Your careful word choices and descriptions enriched this piece so much, and the ending was so well-crafted! I felt so sorry for both his and her losses, but happy that in the end, the woman regained her spiritual and emotional passion.
Only a person who lost someone close to them could express these emotions so well. To tell all you did in the word limit is amazing. You can really focus in on the important words that needed to be said. Great Job
Wow--this hit me hard on so many levels because my parents died in a car accident, almost 5 yrs ago. I understood the black & white world of the brother, pushing God away, everything filtering through "before" and "after" "it". I don't know if you've experienced something like this, but you did an excellent job capturing the total upside down world that accompanies a tragic death. Oh, and superb writing.
This is terrific writing but I have a hard time believing that anyone would ever really talk like this in real life. Especially alone at a graveside. That held me back from enjoying this completely.
I am nearly speechless after reading this (and believe me it's hard to make me speechless).

This was masterfully written, and I felt the story unfold as I read this. I mourned with the MC, and you know a piece of writing is good when you begin to actually care for the characters.

Superb! My favorite so far this week!
Congratulations on your EC, Sonya. Very much deserved. :)
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Wonderful use of imagery and emotions put into prose. Congratulations on a well deserved EC placement. Loren
Oh, how heartbreaking and beautiful! Thanks for a very moving and memorable story, and congratulations!
CONGRATULATIONS, SONYA, ON YOUR RICHLY-DESERVED EC!! :D You did an awesome bit of writing with this moving story!
Congratulations! Nice work. :)