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What a great story depicting history. It is sobering how easy it is for man to get carried away with "crusades" of his own design. You wrote a very gripping account. Good job.
Excellent historical piece, with top-notch writing.
Great historical fiction piece. Very well written!
I love it when a story stands apart from every other entry. This is an excellent take on the Kingdom of God, albeit a sadly misguided interpretation. I could almost taste the dirt and the dust and the desperation. Very well done indeed.
Very moving and interesting story.
It's hard to find fault with someone who gives all to a cause, even when they are mis-guided. The writing is top notch and the story very compelling. I learned something from it.
Very good historical story here. Great writing.
I was unaware of this historical event. Thank you for sharing it with such skill.
Very interesting piece of history, and very well written. Nice job.
A beautifully written description of a complex historical subject. It makes me want to read more about this ill-fated crusade!
THis is quite an interesting piece. I had no idea what it was about until the footnote, sadly. Though it was through no fault of yours.
With simple phrases and descriptions you had me right there in that barren place. I was roused with Jean (although we know the ending...) and felt the crowd's energy. Great piece (although the topic makes me squirm a bit ;-)
History come to life! I like your POV... it brings it down to the personal level. Well done!
Very well written. Although it is historical I think it has powerful relevance today. It is such powerful rhetoric that still mis-leads the poor and desperate into all manner of disastrous adventures. Oh that the true Gospel of God's Kingdom would be preached in such a way as to awaken such a passionate response! Well researched and well told.
This is a very well-written historical piece. It draws the reader in and gives insight into something not many know about. It does make one see the crusades a little bit closer...
I had never heard anything about this. Thanks for the history lesson. You expressed this story with excellence. Good job!
Wonderfully done. Another piece that drew me in, and kept me reading!
The tension and excitement builds up through this story until the reader wants to march out with the crowd at the end. Great job.