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Hehehehehe! We don't always understand what God is doing, but thankfully He never makes any mistakes at what He does. Very good—I could identify!
Lol--lots of fun humor! Well written and oh, so like that God of ours to do that!
There's a lot of delightful humour here. And not too many wild animals in Khartoum either, so that's a relief at least.
But at another level the story could be seen as trivialising missions in that a great deal of preparation has to go in before a worker can be released for service overseas. The candidate's commitment and resolve must be tested through language study - something that is extremely difficult to undertake once you are in post. (And absolutely essential for a posting to the Sudan.) Furthermore a programme of visitation round churches raises funds and permits others to judge the reality of the call (and to support financially accordingly.) Obedience is great but it is no substitute for proper preparation. Otherwise the candidate in your story is unlikely to last more than a month.
In saying all this, I appreciate that the intent is primarily humorous. But sadly I've met too many people with exactly this half-baked approach to missions.
I totally appreciate your humor--that is the exact response I would have had. The part about the MC and the snake in the garden is too funny. Good voice.
I like this conversation with God. I did find the mc's repetition of His questions a bit annoying; you might have worked His question into her answer instead. But everything else was fabulous - right up to the very honest last line.
What I enjoyed so much in this entry is the "relationship" that is revealed between the mc and God. Simple, close. Like talking to your very best it should be.
Interesting dialogue here with the mc repeating the Lord's answers. I enjoyed the humor. God, most of all, requires an obedient heart; then the rest will follow according to His plan.
You had me giggling all the way through the first 2/3 or so of this. The insects with lips especially tickled me. Great message too at the end. Wonderful piece.
I love having conversations with God. He always wins the though he thought of the answer before I asked the question. Hmmmm...go figure.

This was excellent!
How many times have I argued w/ the Lord? Thanks for this! I needed to read it, through the humor and all... to be reminded of God's working in my life and my need to trust and obey.
I love this, the dreaded African assignment....and insects with lips no less. When God calls, we gotta go, there's no doubt about it.

Loved your format and your mc's humor. Hope she takes it with her, she'll need it!
I totally enjoyed the humor of the mc...thanks for the smile! Well done.
I enjoyed the flow and humour of your story. I also appreciated the truth in it; that sometimes we only read what we want to and neglect the rest of the message. Great story.
Love the prayer/stream of consciousness...very well done, and you make this MC seem very real, and very likeable.
Just a reminder to us all that God knows what He's doing, we must only trust Him. Super humor!
I really enjoyed this... especially since I think this is exactly the way I would react if I were called to be a missionary in Africa! Congratulations!
I thoroughly and completely enjoyed reading this witty take on the topic. Congrats on your EC placement and I look forward to reading more of your work.