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I feel like I've been punched in the gut. How tragic! Exceptionally written.
Bravo! This was exceptionally written with a wonderful twist. I love surprises and this one delivered, hands down.
I have to say, though, how sad I feel for Ruby, who is obviously a bitter old woman. On the other hand, I was shamefully delighted when I realized where they were. A swift kick in the pants will likely do her some good. LOL)
Blessings, Lynda
Lovely twist to your story. It was beautifully written and kept my interest throughout. How heartless James seemed, but perhaps he couldn't bear to see how miserable his mother was looking.
I imagine many a child who has had to place a parent in a nursing home, and a parent who had to leave a place they loved, could relate to your story.
That was fabulous, I had an inkling of the ending early on, but then dismissed my thoughts in the middle, too engrossed to speculate! Well written!
I think Ruby knew all along where they were going, and that is why she was bitter. But that is my speculation. I think the story was great, still hanging wondering if Ruby will adjust or rust. God bless ya, littlelight
Now that's a well written story; when everyone is still speculating after the piece is finished.
Wow! I didn't see this ending coming at all! Call me naive or gullible (b/c I usually am), but I just didn't expect the punchline. I'd say this is a powerful piece - really got me thinking about my own mother's first trip to the nursing home....sniffle.
Perfect! This was an article I had to finish. I couldn't just skim it. Riveting! Left me sad.
I read your article because the title caught my eye. I just planted black-eyed susans this year in my garden. The ending was not what I expected at all, I thought the title would be tie the story up at the end. I agree with most of the others didn't see that one coming. The story is good because all to often that is exactly what happens with our elderly.
Wow! This was perfectly executed. Good job!
This sounds like a top 8 to me. Excellent writing.
Yes, very engaging story with, for me, an unexpected twist at the end. Wondered tho, with James being so sociable and chatty as they drove, how he could walk away without a backward glance - or, as the story is from her point of view - is that how she chooses to remember their parting? Really well done if your intention was the latter.
So sad ... and so well written. Congratulations!
Karen, congratulations on your 3rd place wins in both the Editors' Choice and Level 3 Champion Challenge. Very well deserved. I must admit that I did have an inkling where you were going with it, but oh my ... that ending ripped my heart out all the same. Excellent piece of writing and a worthy winner! Love Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
Just reading through some winning entries. Yours was well-crafted, very well thought, out and a joy to read, despite the sad ending. :( Well done. Joanne
Hi Karen. I'm just preparing the new FaithWriters' Anthology and need a short (two to three sentences) bio piece to include in a new section for the book - "Meet Our Authors." The bio notes need to be written in the third person. Could you please send it to me, urgently, via a Private Message? Thanks so much. Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)