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I really like this piece--your last paragraph is very compelling.

In light of your author's note, I personally think you did an excellent job representing the feelings of many people in that country. Nice job.
This was really an interesting perspective, and I wonder how much truth there could be to it. Creative idea!
You make an excellent point, and I'm sure you do express the opinion of many Iraqis. Surprising point of view, very well done.
I wish you could hear me applauding. I've heard this same viewpoint so many times, but never from the media..never "publicly." The twist at the end was awesome. I do wonder who being referred to in "I want to die on His time." A Muslim terrorist would (I think) be speaking of Allah, but it sounds more like a Christian speaking of the One True God.
Absolutely fascinating perspective. Gives us much to ponder - and that twist at the end is something else!
A very haunting story. I liked your point of view.
Well written and a very interesting POV. I think you, or rather your MC is right. Not all Iraqis are terrorists. I know some Iraqi Muslims, and they are gentle, loving family men and women. Good job on this entry, Alison.
I also liked the twist in the ending. Never saw it coming.

Having never written before I came to FW (beginner) I am learning amazing techniques, especially from the Advanced and Masters.

Thank you for the example of great writing skill, and a new dimension concerning the Iraqis to think about.
I was wondering what the secret was, then you revealed it. Oh my, it gave me the chills. I imagine there are probably young people trained to "sacrifice" themselves in the name of their god, who question in their heart. I imagine they cry out silently for help. I imagine there is some truth to this we haven't seen or heard yet.
Very thought-provoking, and an authentic voice.

I think the disclaimer at the end sort of pokes a hole in the balloon. Let your piece stand on its merits!

Thanks for writing this--it gave me a lot to mull over.