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I love the clever imagery here where the slippers drop just as the poverbial shoes drop in their conversation. The first shoe drops before they talk about shedding the old, rough-handed husband, the second just before she discovers that stem cells are used in this spa's rejuvination therapy.

This is a very clever way of bringing to light a continual, horrendous practice occurring today in spas throughout Europe.

Wonderfully creative writing.
Excellent storytelling and use of imagery. I'm with Sonya - love the shoe dropping timing! What an excellent cautionary tale.
This had a huge 'gulp' factor--the writing pulling you on inexorably to a horrifying conclusion. Yikes!
Wowzers! I was all wonderful and woozy with Lacy, and then had that sinking stomach feeling when the other shoe dropped, so to speak. Excellent writing!
A very well-written expose' of a horrifying practice. I had never heard of this procedure, though I've been a member of a pro-life chapter for several years. Thank you for educating us!
Wow! Talk about a surprise and shocking ending. I had no idea that this practice was taking place in European spas. I thought it was only happening in science labs.

Very intriguing story. You took me from relaxation to uneasiness with this one. A sign of very good writing to be able to evoke emotions like that in your reader.
Amazinng story about an awful practice. You held my attention throughout.
Well done.
A chilling tale, with excellent characterization and use of repetition. You made Irene slimy and detestable, and Lucy/Lacy's return to reality uncontrived.
What a merry ride you took us on. You truly have a gift for storytelling--a wonderful message included without moralizing necessary.
I read this several times this week. I kept coming back to it; it drew me and I wasn't sure why.
It is one of those that make the reader feel heavy. Truth, sad truth. Really says alot about PEOPLE. Most of us can remember similar situations and OUR reactions. Maybe, that's why it drew me back. Powerful piece.
WOW - this piece was full of mini-masterpieces. The descriptions were lush, I could actually feel the textures. The dialogue gave us glimpses, peeks into the minds and motivations of the characters, bit by bit - until the nasty revelation at the end. It may be just me, but it felt almost like a Hitchcock film. Very well done.
Masterful writing with a pupose. Loved every word, shock and falling slipper.
I am a man. I wouldn't know an exfoliating liposuction on my right pectoral from a retroactive botox in my inverted umbilicus. It was scary reading this story. Do women really go through such experiences willingly?
Title says it all. wow. killer beauty indeed. The twist in this here was horrifying and amazing at the same time. You certainly did your research, thanks for sharing this!
Oh my! I had no idea! This was an incredible piece, enlightening and troubling. Very well done.
Wow... very unsettling. I only wish we as American were MORE squeamish! Great job with a tough subject. Very eye opening.
oooh, I didn't notice this sentence until the second read... Lacy could die right now What a chilling warning; was that deliberate?

Well written story. Scary but great.