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Wow - this one blew me away! Awesome writing!
Your story is vivid and well written. It moves at a fast pace that just carries the reader along.
Very intense. Very well written. Excellent.
This was very well written. Solid, intense-very good. God bless ya, littlelight
Vivid and deeply involving! There are many awesome lines, but here's one that jumped out at me: "Instead her tone was laced with confusion as if she were searching for a last puzzle piece that had somehow slipped away." Good job!!

Vivid and brilliant writing, like a scene from a film.
Incredible, could be a film....but the powerful descriptive use of words played just as vividly on the screen of my imagination.
Great work! One of my favorites ever! Good job.
Wow! Heart stopping action, drama...and so believable. Awesome work.
Spellbinding---again! I can still sense the warmth of the blood(s).
Riveting! You had me clinging to every word. Great job!
Excellent piece Maxx! I love the way he found redemption at the very last. Blessings - Al

Phew Maxx, edge of the seat stuff. You hold back the identity of the victim well, and reveal it without me feeling hoodwinked or that it is clichéd.
I didn't get to this one until after your win, but I'm not surprised to see your name next to it. Your writing is consistently excellent Maxx.
Whew ... my heart is racing having just read your piece ... wow.
Maxx, I knew this was yours before I even saw your name. Written powerfully and excellentely - as always. An uncomfortable piece that really did put me right in the car there with the main character, but that ending - WOW! Congratulations on your 2nd place wins in both the Editors' Choice and the Level 3 Champion Challenge. Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
ok, I purposly tried looking fro some huge mistakes in your story because I never seem to be able to find any problesm with them. So, I found a few. This sentance, "He had robbed a church." seemed void of your usual "showing, not telling method. I think it was for dramatic effect, but I wasn't sure. The sentance struck me as odd. Also you used the term "splashing red" twice. Ther eyou go Maxx. Those are your huge mistakes! LOL. I wish my mistakes were as huge as yours (he he.) Honestly, this is one of my Maxx Favs. I remember where I was when I read this the first time. It's masterpiece. I do have one question. How long does it take for you to write a challenge entry (on average.) You have so much depth to your pieces that I think they must take hours to weave all that incredible goodness throughout. I loved the ending. How hopelessness consumed him and how El Cristo was really a symbol for his hopelessness and eternal damnation. I also loved the description of the car bursting into flames at the end. I pictured him at the doorway of hell, ready to enter. Kinda a morbid thought, but it was what came to my mind. Your descriptions were perfect. they always are. I've actually been absorbing your choice of words, hoping that they'll rub off on my writing. Oh, you'll love this next question. Are you Max Lucado? You see, me and my husband are betting that you're him and that FW lets you explore your "not having to be in the Christian box" writing style. Come on. I won't tell. LOL
Great story. I read the reviews on your article and the last one that Jessica Schmit wrote was funny.Specially the end, because I was thinking the same question. And if you're really Max Lucado, do you think you can autograph one of your books that I happen to owned.LOL!