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An interesting collection of familiar characters you've got coming together in your story.
Although this held my interest I feel like I didn't get something in the story. Did I miss something?
Seems this band of characters may be looking in all the wrong places for the same thing - freedom. Could be a universal statement here: "They all keep talking about freedom? Like the only way you get it is having nothing to live for and nothing left to lose. But inside me, there's this battle, tearing me apart like a civil war. I feel like I'm in Limbo, or the Twilight Zone. I thought like you, on the road I'd find freedom--but it ain't here." There is the realization at the end that freedom is defined by the very presence of God, but also the implication that time is of the essence..... Did I get the message??
Wow! I believe this is my favorite entry. Hard to choose though. The guy on the phone uncle Jack was trying to let them now that they were being deceived into taking the wrong route, and heading into hell's kitchen. Uncle Jack was only wanting one more chance to talk to them, to us. Standing in the gap so to speak. Wow!
Whew! got me in the heart! God bless ya, littlelight
The names Dante and Beatrice suggest to me a reference to Dante's "Purgatorio" and later his "Paradiso". I remember Dante's love was Beatrice and the feeling you were in limbo, etc. makes me think you were on a similar journey to Dante. This is very good stuff set in a contemporary mode. Thanks for sharing.
Yeah, this is awesome. Very creepy. I love it! Good job.
Definately out of the box. Like to see Faithwriters going in this direction. Could have lived with less of the language though.
Great back and forth dialogue. Your character development was superb, giving each character a little history. How many people are heading toward that tunnel without Jesus? Great message!

This is so interesting. I feel there is a lot I don't get. I have little knowledge of Bobby McGee and I struggled with the Lincoln connection too. But I liked it. I'd love to understand it better. I have a feeling that there is a certain group of people who would totally get it and be blessed.
Lois, I just wanted to pop in very quickly and let you know that your entry was in the semi-finals for Car Trip. I know you had some concerns about how it may be received, but I can tell you now that you weren't that far off making it into the Editors' Choice. You ranked 14th overall. So well done! Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
Wow! The amount of time this must have taken you to write! This is amazing. I just love the way you wove so many popular philosophies together. You must have a very broad musicology. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this a creative and thoroughly engrossing read. Can see your passion shining through.