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Wow! What a lovely story. I love old hymns and I could picture the old man playing his flute and singing the words in his heart as I read this story. Great descriptions and a moving story.
I love the hymn and the story woven around it is beautiful.
So very lovely. Tender and sweet. Written as well as the notes he played. And I expect for the same purpose.
Beautiful in simplicity.
Just beautiful. This piece has such a wonderful atmosphere.
I absolutely love this. A lovely, tender story. I know this was written by a musician, because that particular hymn, with its simple melody, is such a pleasure to play.
The ending was superb.
I enjoyed this beautiful story, excellently written. The music echoes in my heart.
Absolutely beautiful--not just because the writing is outstanding, but because you've featured my favorite hymn. Thanks so much for this lovely piece!
I read this story with the ease you appeared to have written it. The fluent flow of words, descriptive phrases and the voice of the MC made me feel as though I knew this man. Thanks.
THis was beautiful and poetic in the telling. I could almost hear the richness of the wooden flute.
Wonderfully beautiful to read, Rick. I could imagine the music all the way through. (Am reading Cardan's Pod--riveting!)
Wonderful. The poetry/lyrics mixed in was brilliant, gave the whole piece a great rhythmn. The tender bits about the old flutist's family had me teary-eyed. Well done (the writing, not the making-me-cry) ;-)
This is an absolutely lovely story in every respect... and the hymn you chose is one of my favorites. Very well done!