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Clever idea-writing a letter to a place. My daughter lives in Florida, and you've described it perfectly.

Be careful of "it's"--with an apostrophe, it means "it is", not the possessive.

I'd love to be in Florida now--it's 0 degrees where I am!
What a creative way to deal with the topic! :) I loved your letter, especially the part about the Egrets and this delightfully descriptive bit: "I long for the crystal colors of your ocean, the spicy fragrance of your orange groves, the faithful warmth of your sun, wrapped around me like a robe." It made me want to go there with you for a visit! Good job!

I really enjoyed this unique entry. Makes me want to visit Florida. Well done on something different.
Yes, Florida is the place to be. Truely enjoyed your out-of-the-box entry. :)
Oh I really like this one - so creative!
I have a love for Florida, too; I don't live there, but we have taken family vacations there for years, and I have so many memories there! I love the ocean breeze and moonlit walks on the beach...
Very creative way to deal with the topic! Nice work!
What a unique take on the topic! I loved the imagery.
Very cute and fun. I found some grammatical things that could use polish, but otherwise I enjoyed this. I also might have expanded it a bit--given us a bit more background on your MC. This felt like it was fun to write!
Hey Nancy, look at how many times your piece was read and so many comments to boot! Way to write your first entry into the discriptive, you were able to bring me with you to Florida.

Write on!
I would be careful of your commas as there are times when it may make the sentence unclear or they are unnecessary.

This is a very original entry. I would love to hear even more description of the area and how you feel about it.
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