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Thought this was great - liked it a lot! Thanks! Col.

I'll not say have a black Christmas.LOL Have a blessed one!
Gotta love those nosy neighbors. Glad they were set straight!
You developed your characters very well and presented an excellent message.
Quite different. I liked it.
It's interesting how people think.
This was very well written and had great dialogue that really established your charecter's well. I particularly liked how you firmly showed us how involved the wife was in church, and then deftly showed how little she understood the "reason for the season" - or maybe just how she had lost sight of it - and you did this without being preachy or judgemental.
Very well done!
I echo the other comments. Coincidentally, this is the 2nd entry I've read in a row with the same theme! I really like the message presented by your story.
Great title that really pulls readers in.

I found the dialogue a bit stilted and preachy in parts.

This is unique and fascinating--do you know people who actually decorate this way? Cool!
I could see Christy chomping at the bit to go over and set her neighbour straight. But what a great idea they had. Having a cross at Christmastime reminds me of a big billboard the town council used to have at the edge of town each Christmas. A lovely scene with the shepherds on a hill walking towards Bethlehem and on a hill behind the nativity scene was a cross on a hill. Now all we have is a sign with bells and holly and saying Season's Greetings. This was a good example of what the reason for the season is really all about. Well done.
Aw, this was so cool! Loved reading this and the judegmental busybody wife was well described. Enjoyed reading this. Love the truth displayed, and in a different way, the great makings of this "Black Christmas" :0)