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This is a beautiful story, and you told it excellently.
Awesome story. I love Miss Pickling. What a great gift. Glad Miss Pickling is going back, we need more teachers like her.
You brought me to tears. What a wonderful Christmas story, and to know it is true is that much better. Children are amazing at teaching us lessons like this.
This was so sweet. Imagine the life impact. Angel will probably be sharing this story for years to come as well, "My favorite teacher in the whole world". Could happen...
Wonderful story.
A great object lesson on the positive effect grace can have on others
What a tremendous story and lesson - giving up our most treasured possession where indeed we have buried our most precious things.
Lovely story--how blessed you are to be able to pass that one on!

It seemed a bit more "telling" than "showing"--and take a look at how many sentences begin with "Mrs. Pickling..."

My heart went out to little Angel; you did a marvelous job of characterization. Super!
What a lovely story - all the more so because it's true.
Such a touching and challenging story. Thanks for sharing it.
Awww! This is a lovely story and I like the fact that it is true. I'm so glad that there are teachers like Miss Pickling out there. Loved the turnaround of Angel though, great job! ^_^