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This is absolutely beautiful!A powerful winner!
Powerful entry. The imagery "tendrils of loneliness" shows clearly the captivity she must have felt.
A very strong entry! Great word choices. I have no red ink, just a WELL DONE!
Your first three paragraphs are exquisite!
I have worked in long term care - you are SO right on here. Loved the line "bitterness falling off of her like leaves falling from a tree" beautifully put. I remember the residents who know the Lord and reached out - even if they couldn't talk their love DID.
My dad's in a nursing home so this touched me very much. I know he feels lonely, and with his Alzheimer's, he doesn't know why he's's the little things that bring him happiness...just seeing someone he still knows and getting out to visit us in our own homes. What a lovely story in that she learned to give away some happiness to replace the loneliness and tears.
I cried. A beautiful message. Well done!
You have so much wisdom in this story! Wonderful writing!
This was so very well done. Having volunteered a small amount of time in a nursing home, it is apparent who has peace with their surroundings and who doesn't. It was wonderful to read of this lady's realization of where her peace comes from. :)