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Nice story, a few typos here and there but good content. Although I am not familiar with the tradition of giving 24 gifts before Christmas, I can see why a child would anticipate that. I have been absent from this site for a few months and I see nothing has changed. Your piece has been read 32 times yet no one left a comment. I wonder what is the point. Are we're here for constructive critique from our peers or just writing to be writing?
Excellent portrayal of the anxiety faced by parents as Christmas gets more and more commercialised. Our boys are spaced 3 years apart, and I confess to hiding away the baby toys when one child is done with them, and re-gifting them to the next child, who sees them as brand new! Gets trickier as they grow older unfortunately. I wonder if your piece could be strengthened by giving the readers some ideas as to HOW to 'give' Jesus at Christmas time?