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Oh, this was really, really good. I can't even begin to imagine all the thoughts going through Shelton's head.
This sent chills down my spine. I can't even imagine what Shelton was thinking. Great job showing Shelton's unease with what he was doing, and his softening heart.
Wonderful story of forgiveness...the real reason for Christmas...worked into the topic. Well done.
This was really good, I can't imagine what my thoughts would be if I saw an empty threat I had made come to be.

I did find one small error, a wrong word, I think you probably meant "You hear me?" in the following line.

You here me?” His huffing barks turned to silent sobs.
This is very good. I like how he had sympathy for the man who once made his life miserable. Great characterization! This story is true to life. God Bless.
Both creative and poignant. I enjoyed this well written story.
Touching story. Excellent job. :)
Very poignant and touching story. That teacher sure predicted his own slide to perdition, didn't he?
Great story idea, love the descriptions, good word choices. "Here" should be "hear" is the only red ink I can find. Love this entry!
Very poignant with a touch of irony. Earlier, the math teacher could have used a class in leniency and empathy. It is a good thing that things don't always add up the way it seems they should. I really enjoy your writing style.
This was SO good in reflecting a forgiveness Christmas gift! Thank you!
An excellent story to show what God can do with a willing heart.
Very poignant piece. I liked it. :)
Despite the misspelling of "here," (which I do all the time by the way), this paragraph literally gave me goosebumps:

“You here me? I hate you,” Shelton hollered. Anger surged through his narrowing eyes, his hands clenching to fists. “I hope someone reams you like this and you feel just as miserable … for you’re whole life… You here me?” His huffing barks turned to silent sobs.

I could picture this scene so vividly, which made your ending that much more touching. Love that message.