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Wonderful entry! I LOVE the introduction of Sara, with her glasses down on the end of her nose. Makes me instantly fond of her! And Jack's tease to her of coloring the cookies with crayons made me giggle. Loved the surprise at the end, too! Very sweet, heartwarming piece!
What a delightful, heartwarming story! Your characterizations of Nine-year-old Sara, Aunt Cassie and Jack are delightful!
This is excellent writing, great on topic. I could picture the characters, and I LOVE the ending! ;)
Awww, I'm a sucker for romance. Love the ending!
Creative, heartwarming and well written. I like the interaction between the characters. Great job.
I ditto all the above comments. This is wonderful and charming and all of the above! My only critique (and it's late at night and I'm tired, so this could just be me) is I had a little trouble at times knowing if you were talking about Sarah or Cassie. Perhaps new paragraphs each time a thought or action changes characters?? Could be wrong on this, though! :)
I was expecting the ring by the end. Thank you for not disappointing me.
THis is a beautiful story filled with hope, healing and the celebration of life.
Sweet blessing/s is a good description for your story.
Very sweet, well-written entry and the ending took me by surprise. Great Job!
Your writing is so smooth. I was totally caught up in your story. Your title is perfect for this. The ending with the ring on the antler is "sweet." Great writing!!
"Sweet" piece and the characters are written completely real-to-life. :)
LOVED the antler ring part! What a neat twist - thanks for writing this one!
10/29/08 sweet!
It's a little hard to follow. Try to keep to one POV, or make it clear who's talking or thinking.
I like the ending.
I loved the story, characters, dialogue, and message.

I did have trouble following the POV shifts. The MC went from a first person to a third person narrator several times.

Lots of sweet touches and visuals.
I love the interaction between the characters. Your story is creative and very heartwarming. Well written - great job.

I loved this one! Course, I love romances - this one is packed with meaning. A few POV shifts, but I was still able to follow along with the story. Excellent work!
LOL. Ok. Don't laugh at me, but for some reason my favorite parts were the Bose sound system reference and the pizza Jack brought. Of course that doesn't mean that the rest of the story isn't wonderful, I just am weird and like pizza and technology. :)

Seriously, this was a very heartwarming piece that emanates the spirit of Christmas. I love how Jack presented the ring to Cassie. A great way to end this story.