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LOL! This is hilarious! I enjoyed the laugh!
Loved it... had a good laugh at his sarcasm.

Women need to stick to the cooking, huh?
I loved the chemistry between this husband and wife. Your dialogue made them sizzle with personality. I'm wondering if they could teach a marriage seminar at our church. **grin**
Can't give the pies a blue ribbon, but I do give this adorable story one. :-)
What a wonderful couple. You've truly made them come alive for me. Great laughs too. I truly enjoyed this.
I could picture this so clearly - fuuny and lighthearted.
The mix-up in the story was so possible, I wondered......
I loved the humor and the love mixed in with your pumpkin pies.
This is so sweet. I love the couple's obvious affection for one another. Great characterization!
I love the husband's tireless devotion demonstrated in your story. This is an excellent marriage article. I hope you find a place to publish it.
This made me giggle. I've probably made both of those mistakes--and I'm a woman. :) Your writing had me right there in the kitchen with them.
Ouch…. Garlic instead of cloves.. :) what an interesting taste THAT would be.. LOL Your explanation for the mistake is great… "Cloves" vs. "a clove". Your entry is a unique twist to the traditional pumpkin pie. :) …and total fun.
Delightful, creative, and I'm going to see if it's at all inspires my husband (who easily could make those mistakes as he's clueless in the kitchen, except for P&J sandwiches). Angel
This is great! LOL!
I can totally see this going on, like a movie.
One of my favorites definitely.
Very nice. The mistakes he made were very cleverly written. Good job. I also like the chemistry between husband and wife. You asked for red ink and I had to really search to find something, but here goes: I thought the last line was a little awkward. You said he held her hand. I think (IMHO) perhaps you could say, "He reached for her hand." See? I said I had to search! LOL Great job!
Fun story, though I must add that not all males are so inept in the kitchen. Enjoyed the fun dialogue and interplay between the husband and wife.
Yeah, I couldn't find anything to red ink either! Excellent work - I love the dialogue between the husband and wife....a very easy read and quite enjoyable! Great job. :)
This is great! What a husband - goofy but lovable:) Awesome writing!
I'm chuckling. Nice interaction between husband and wife. I enjoyed this.