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Enthralling "shape poem". Beautiful. :)
Beautiful, descriptive words!
I love this. Nothing compares to how God decorates, yes? Very nice work!
I love the poem and the lay-out. Great job.
I felt my heart slow a bit, calmed by the images in this well written, enjoyable poem. Nice job.
I like your take on the natural beauty God provides for decorating. Lovely!
I enjoyed the visual format coupled with the poetic and descriptive verbal visuals. Well Done!
This creative entry needs to be seen and read in print...Christmas bulletins, magazines, or e-zines. Hope you can get it out there! Blessings.
I love the design and the wording of this lovely poem. Well done my FaithWriter friend.
So lovely and I wholeheartedly agree that this needs to see publication in a magazine--what a wonderful treat to read for Christmas!
Beautifully done!
What a pleasant surprise to see this free verse poem pop up shaped like a tree. I love the images you convey, especially this... Silver
Frosted tinsel
Tinkling, shimmering ice
Worshiping, singing their praises
Perfect harmony with the soft moonlight. Exquisite and lovely.
So cool, I loved the whole thing. Very impressed.
Just lovely images, and the shape enhances the message. Beautiful.
I like the way even the verses take the shape of trees.
I love the beautiful descriptions in this perfectly shaped poem. Wonderful example of free verse!
Incredibly creative - loved the word pictures and the free verse! What a Christmas card this would make!
Yvonne, I'm going to feature this delightful poem in the Front Page showcase for the week of December 6. Look for it on FaithWriters' home page--and congratulations!