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I enjoyed this delightful sci-fi take on the topic, and great-grandpa's timeless wisdom.
Adorable! Christmas Sci-Fi, and some deftly disguised social commentary as well. Masterful!
I love the creativity of it - a very unusual take, but well-written.

I found it hard to get into with the words. I felt like I had to plow through the first couple of paragraphs, but the rest of it was a bit easier to read.

Wonderful creativity. I always enjoy the unexpected!
The descriptions and emotions are excellent. I especially like the description of the "Midwestern home." Perfect message from Grandpa, too. Love it!
"...God didn’t send a hologram, but came in the flesh as one of us..."

Amen! Interesting and entertaining take on the topic.
It would be so sad if we became like that-holographic lifestyle. THis is a really good picture of what life could be like without the message of Jesus.