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I agree, games nights are fun. The "rabbit trail" led Chelsea to some great thoughts. Your ending made me smile.."Sorry, can't, Todd and I have a date." :) This was a fun/wisdom-filled story. Thanks!
Glad your mc got to have this insightful conversation with her teenager - that can be hard to do. A good story full of wisdom from the mouth of "babes".
I love the dialogue between mom and daughter here. I laughed at the line,
"Uh, I probably hear more than you think. Don’t ask. Anyway..." --Sounds just like something my son would say (and we have conversations like this all the time...probably more so than many because he's home schooled). I loved Chelsea's insights. Very nice entry!
Great dialogue...and Chelsea is wise beyond her years! Wish that were the case for all 17yos, lol! Great job.
Very insightful piece, and soooooo true.
Wow. That was about the most perfect analogy of life that I have ever read. I can see now why people do refer to it as "The Game of Life." It really is like a game.

You made an excellent point that winning this game is serious, and only God has the ticket to the winner's circle. We are playing for keeps, so we better make every move count.

Great entry!