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This is really well-written, and I can picture this woman, and every moment of her day...

...but I don't get it.

I'll come back and read it again, because it was a pleasure to read...maybe the light will dawn. (sorry)
I like your common thread, the points added and subtracted during your story (and her running total). I like the contrast of your beginning, where everything is simple and 'life is her game,' and then all the drama of your ending, things were not as simple as we first thought, and the curiosity over just who her husband was. All this was interspersed with the song. Excellent work.
I look forward to your explanation, because--much as I hate to admit it--I don't really "get" it. I DO like it, though! It is very engaging and I wanted to read more, to find out more. I hope you'll expand it into a longer piece.
This was interesting. I got that she was subtracting points for bad things and adding for good, but I'm not sure why. lol I got the impression she was overseas and her husband or son... or someone was in the military? Maybe something with Alzheimer's? I'm probably way off, but this is a very intriguing story!
I really like this. It's very interesting and well written. I loved when the secret service type tackeled her. I can't wait for the explanation. Is she OCD? Kind of like "A Beautiful Mind?" I can't wait to find out what was happening!
You are so creative. Your explanation puts it all together, you novelist you!
Ooh, I like this. Very intriguing. The explanation helped. As always Miss Sara, I want more... :)
Great writing! You had me captivated. Your explanation helped me understand. Very creative. Nicely done
I feel like this so often; a little out there, where no one else can follow. I am glad I read the explanation first though.

Well written.
Great story...I was completely intrigued. Well done.