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Very descriptive. My heart pounded with those hiding. I felt so thankful that I, and my family, have no real concept of what such terrible times are like - the noise, the destruction, the death. Glad I wasn't there. Great writing!
We've all heard of the Battle of Britain and the many bomb shelters but few of us can appreciate the times. I must say you really took me there; good writing.
I take it this is writing from experience.
Wonderful, just wonderful writing! I knew a lady on the other side of the war who feared for HER mother...the Allies bombed the Moselle River valley relentlessly (lots of ammunition factories there), but still her mother would not go to the shelter. In her case, she and her siblings were young and would run--after the all-clear--with panicked hearts to their home, hoping their mother was still alive. She told me she could see her mother standing at the window, just looking at the planes as the children ran for safety. War. It is such a terrible, but sometimes necessary, evil for everyone. You had me right in the midst of it all with this excellent story.
You took us there and I hope we never have to go BUT JESUS! Very good writing and descriptions!
I felt like I was right there. Great writing. Now if I could get my heart to settle down...
Excellent! Your descriptions put me right there. My mother-in-law was a war bride from Liverpool and had many stories about the bombings there...including one that landed--unexploded--right outside their door. Thanks for sharing this powerful piece.
Absolutely superb imagery...this was intense and breathtaking. I am in awe of this piece.
Love the understated irony of the ending--masterful as always. Welcome back from your Challenge break!
Oh, man, I felt like I was right there. Awesome writing!
Your writing skill took me right into the midst of the bombing...excellently done.
Excellent piece! I don't know what to say--still taking it all in!
An effective portrayal of a grim side of life. Good job.
"dragging them through the thickening darkness, a woolen blanket of descending gloominess..."

"her words were devoured by the pervading grayness..."

"Nausea rose in Helen’s throat..."

"fear mounting like a fever, till all were infected, morose, brows glistening. And the torturous blackness..."

I could go on and, you certainly know how to put the reader right there. YOur descriptions and characterizations are masterful. Wowzer.
You held my attention the entire way through. I can imagine by your writing what it must have been like.
Wow. This really made me feel claustrophobic. Excellent descriptions.
Congratulations on 1st place!!!!
This writing is novel worthy! What else can I say, I am somewhat speechless with awe.
Only a handful of writers evoke deep emotions within me with EVERY single piece they write, and you are one of those writers, Ann.

I must say that it is your humility that really makes you the great person that you are. Despite winning so many ECs and obviously possessing so much talent, you always are encouraging to others and take your awards humbly and with a Christ-like attitude.

It doesn't feel right me being right underneath you on the rankings list. How can my writing even come close to this? It's a great honor though. :)
I just lived through that night with your writing an characters, wondering how in the world Helen could sleep. Masterful and very deserving of its 1st place win! Wow!
How thought-provoking... a picture of inner peace!
Wow. Excellent writing with vivid imagery. You sure know how to bring out powerful emotions. Congralutaions! God Bless.
Oh. Wow. This is simply brilliant - your descriptions are so vivid - I was right there. Congratulations on your 1st place EC. Well done.
Vonnie -- This is amazing… It rivals your "Dressed in White." Your "sanctified" imagination was really tuned in with this. I love everything about this. Congrats on your level placing and EC!!
This is wonderfully written and rich with detail. Congrats on your EC!
WOW--a well deserved win!! I always enjoy reading your work, and hopefully learning from it too. Thanks so much.
Awesome detail! Riveting! You deserved to win:)) This was some great writing!
Good grasp of setting, great dialogue; you introduced the actors, put them on stage and let the action begin. Good work!