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This was a fun and engaging read, and a creative take on the topic.
I love the voice of this character! She and I would be good friends, I think. The "schadenfreude" in the first paragraph is a VERY nice touch.
This story is GREAT! It had me laughing out loud...
This was a hoot to read. I enjoyed every last sentence. Well done!
Very creative and a lot of fun. Loved the MC's voice and great title, too.
I love the phrase 'twenty twenty patience'! This is great and a nice illustration of the topic.
loved it!
You are so gifted!! This is funny because during my last eye exam I wondered how optometrists can stand the repetition. Your depiction of Manny is endearingly humorous. I could picture him so clearly and felt so badly for him and guilty for finding humor in his plight. I was a little confused in some areas, but it all came together for me by the end. Truly brilliant!!
*smile* Everyone has their boiling sweet that it was protecting your reputation.
Your first couple paragraphs were a bit wordy and difficult to follow, but the rest was great!
LOL! I like your plot and the ending too. I've got to remember "schadenfreude" (and hope I can pronounce it) since I work with some Germans on a project. A great piece!
Very funny! I can picture this. Nicely done.
The voice in this piece is spectacular! I love the touches of humor scattered throughout. I hope that this one places high, because it is very good.
I liked the flow of this story. At first I had a little trouble figuring out the setting, but that's probably because I was expecting an eagle's perspective (my mistake). I'm glad Manny returned to his patient self at the end. Nice Job!
Wow, this was neat. Great story.
Great story! I don't know how you developed such a complicated plot in so few words! Your humor is excellent, too. I just finished writing a humorous story, and I hope it's half as funny as this!
Congratulations on your Highly Commended. Love the voice--very funny. Nice job with the topic.
Hee hee, this was great! I love the title, too. Congratulations on your HC!
This is great! Super congrats on your "highly commended!"