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Very clever!
Ahhh a creative scifi with a young woman to be leader--an interesting twist.
Such clever parallels - MS & DOS, etc., and they even looked out of a Window! And of course I'm thrilled to see that Commander Scott has taken FaithRiders universe wide in the future! :)
A littel bit too clever for me. I had to work out the meaning. Are there lots of techie references?

I loved the opening sentence it was a great hook.
Wow - you really DO see a vision for FaithWriters, er-r-r Faith Riders, don't you? lol Great story. :)
Oh...this makes me long for the next FaithWriters conference / reunion even more. Can't wait to hear Commander Scott speak again. LOL. In the meantime, maybe we can all just flex-text each other. Love it.
Being a techy, I picked up on a lot of the tech references scattered throughout the story. I also picked up on the FaithWriter references. Very clever stuff! It made the story a very fun read.
Wow, Tim, this is amazing. Very well-written and extremely clever as usual. Awesome!