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Now, I was never a Seinfeld fan (only watched it a couple times here and there), but you seem to have the characters pretty well nailed, from what I know.
It may have been because I am not a fan of the show, but I wasn't really engaged in this. Maybe a bit more action (or is that counter to the whole Seinfeld thing? hehe)? I wasn't bored, mind you, but just not engrossed.
Still a cute read, and a fun little point.
Your idea with this is very creative. I did enjoy the "story within a story" (the superman incident within the Seinfeld episode.) I agree that the lines you've given Jerry and George seem to be exactly what they would say. (Sorry, I haven't watched the show much though, either.) :)
This is so dead on for the kind of "arguement" Jerry and George always had. I have to agree with George on this always bugged me that no one could recognize Superman as Clark (forehead slap). Very cute...
Very creative and very spot on for the portrayal of George and Jerry. Unique. A very original take on the topic. Blessings, Cheri
Now this is creative. Great job of writing lines for these two characters. I could hear both of them loud and clear!
You got the dialogue for Jerry and George just right. I never quite understood Superman's "quick change" myself.
You have to be a Seinfeld fan. You've got George and Jerry *down*. Very entertaining read.
Very clever entry. I like the idea of fictional characters (from TV) discussing the fictional aspects of a movie. Great job.
I found it, yay! This is totally right on, and gave me a good chuckle. Would have loved to have seen this on one of their shows.

I too am among the ranks of being slightly irritated that nobody every recognized Clark.:) My husband and I watch re-runs EVERY night.