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I had to think, too, for several minutes, about the espionage aspects of this, to fully figure out what was happening. I really love the unique approach you took to this topic, and wish there were twice as many words to fully develop the plot! Very compelling...I couldn't stop reading.
Very interesting entry and very timely, of course. Good job!
Intricately woven plot. Good descriptions and details of setting. Unique slant on topic. :)
I really really really wish there was more of this, because I'm not clear on what happened. I couldn't tear my eyes away tho, it was so good, intriguing, and compelling. (So THAT's why Beijing looked so good on TV. ;) ) Very creative.
I was fascinated by the intrigue and unique approach to the topic. Excellent!
Oh wow... now I will be watching with a new twist on everything. You sure raised my conspiracy radar!LOL. Amazing creativity!
This is very well written; the events mentioned make it quite believable. I'd like to read more.
I'm not clear on what happened either... but I love your take on the topic. Very well written.
You've brought to life so many of the things I was wondering about while watching the Olympics… the pollution, the genocide, and the poverty. This is beyond creative… I think I have it figured out… but wouldn't mind a sequel :) to fill in details. Amazing writing!