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61 years is a short time, I hope we never forget the sacrifice of the men and women of that generation.
Thank you for the personal telling of such an important day in history.
What a feeling of being involved in such an event in history. Very touching. God bless, littlelight
I have goosebumps! This was a wonderful piece. You left me wanting to know the outcome - did he make it or not? Thanks for writing - and helping us all to remember those who selflessly fight for our freedoms, both then and now! Blessings, Cheri
War, right or wrong, the outcomes are so terribly, terribly tragic.
Very good story! Keep it up.
Beautifully written. I wonder if this is factual in any way - the family of the author or someone? It is very touching, and if not literally true in the details, certainly very close to somebody's story. War is awful, and you've brought that out well. Well done.
He had such a tender much what a man should be. I felt myself respecting him and yet wanting him to somehow escape the terror....good portrayal of the "inside story".
Very moving insights from a very real day. Good work.
Words cannot express the feelings I had while reading a real, true-to-life story of patriotism, death and heartache. Very well written, definitely a God given talent.