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Great story! You brought out the ladies fears and loneliness in a very real way. I think it would have been good to bring out the fear factor in the ending also. I really liked how it fit into the theme. Good job.
This was absolutely chilling, inspiring, traumatic, hopeful, dark, and yet fulfilling... wonderful writing, and setting of scene and characters... it touched my heart
The fear was absolutely palpable. Great descriptions, and I was completely engrossed from beginning to end. Love the last line too.
This is a good, chilling story. I was a bit confused about who was hiding, and about the old lady, then the little girl. It would be terrible to be so abused, but I am glad the girl found peace at last. Wish you had had more words to tell us more. I remain a bit confused...Maybe you will tell the rest sometime, or fill in the missing parts...Great story to be developed into a much longer one...Helen
Very nice stretch, Amy. I really enjoyed it. I felt the girl's emotions. Great job. God bless.
Very nice story. I could feel the emotions, too, and felt like I was hiding with the girl/lady under the desk. I was confused at first, too. On my second reading, I got it. Great idea, great concept. Bravo.
I was hanging onto every word. Great suspenseful writing.
This was really good. it took me a second reading to completely understand the intro, but I soon figured out that she was having flashbacks of her childhood with her abusive father.

I really appreciated the Bible reading and your ending. It gave comfort and hope to what was an otherwise chilling story. Thank you for sharing. :)