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Yes, I agree, pets have ESP. I enjoyed this slice of life scene and like the smooth flow of the writing.
LOL...this was a hoot. Dogs going to the groomer/vet--no problem. Cats...another story. Very cute story!
Very cute. I can relate! We can never find our cats when it's time to go to the vet. Nice job.
Good job with dialogue and humor. I'm a pet-lover too and would love to see some reflection/commentary at the end of this amusing anecdote.
This reminds me of my late dog Schatzie. When she was a pup, we could not get her to go inside, and I would always be late for school because of it. Finally, we figured out that she didn't like the garden hose, so we just picked it up, and that sent her running into the house very quickly.

Thank you for sharing this story. It brought back a lot of good pet memories to me.
A fun story. I remember having to avoid saying v-e-t.
I really loved your story! I found myself chuckling at the end when the cat appeared in front of the garage. Now that the appointment was cancelled, she was all set to go! Ha! Also, thanks for surprising us with what Jasmine was. You had me puzzled.

The only suggestion I would make is:

“Callie suggested we put her restrain her first, like put her in the bathroom, then get my stuff together.”

Take out the put her in this line so it reads, "Callie suggested we restrain her first..."

Excellent. Hope you feel better.
ROFL! What a fun-filled read! Yep, I do agree, I think those royal little kitties have some sort of ESP! Such fun, I loved the ending. ^_^