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I liked the comparisons between the vast array of feelings one would feel after a fire. I think it could be expanded a little to make the reader feel more attached to the emotions that the person is feeling. Good job and keep writing!
I like how you start with the precious objects that are found before following with the big one that was lost. You capture both sadness and hope, but I would like more detail. This seems like a great beginning of something bigger.
Loosing material stuff we find things of greater value. I think you had more to tell us and wanted to hear what you had to say.

You have an engaing style and could sustain a longer piece.
Ah, your title says it all, this certainly fits the topic and you make it more than real to go through this experience of a home burned to the ground. I loved the lesson in here though. Well done! ^_^
Heart-wrenching personal narrative. Your title says it all... It had to take a lot of courage to write this from such a personal perspective. :)