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"devious of deviants" ?
The last line of the essay says it all. The essay can be made into one of those semi sci fi types.
A fun read (but not sure how the copyright people would feel about it :) A very nice to tie in a real hero.
haha! Cute story! Watch your tense changes, but a fun read.
"Clark was an affable oaf who seemed one step away from putting his eye out with scissors." he he - that was a great line!
Very creative and entertaining piece but I had trouble seeing where "beach" fit in, other than a couple references like, "new west coast" and "boundaries of the sea." Maybe I missed the connection. But it was a great read nonetheless.
Blessings, Lynda
Yeah I like that description as well, Lynda.
Pity about the 750 word limit because I really wanted to know things like how did Lex trick Superman into opening a case with Kryptonite in it? Love the way you worked with a character we already know to give us a new insight. Steel is reduced to silly putty, very visual. The connection with God and Kryptonite worked for me.
Oh, but of course our hero is separated from his necklace of death by one who had been loyal to Superman's nemesis and through an unbelievable set of circumstances the plan is unraveled, time is reversed and everyone is oblivious to the harm they would have encountered. Lex and his gang are escorted to prison and the 'man of steel' heads home to write a news story about the adverse affects of fireworks on the average citizenry of Metropolis.

I loved this paragraph! It was how can I say it? Unbelievable :)
I certainly was wondering what the outcome of this essay would be, interesting outline, Great ending the super hero saves the day. No, problemo!
God bless ya,
Ditto - lots of brilliant one-liners. My favourite was "Superman ... spun like the rinse cycle on my Whirlpool through the earth....". Full marks for imagination! And the way you give it a spiritual spin - very appropriately - is impressive too.
Lex Luthor?! Great shock value! I hardly expected to meet him HERE, of all places! "Now as every faithful comic book junkie knows...." Great line. :-)
Gave me a smile! Thanks!
Love it! I remember that movie well...great description. Lots of great fun with a wonderful spiritual conclusion.
Ben, I knew this was yours before I even saw your name! Anyway, I wanted to pop in quickly and let you know that Kryptonite Proof was one of just 21 entries that made it into the semi-finals for the "beach" challenge - so congratulations! You did very well. With love, Deb