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Great characterization and descriptions. Your voice for both characters was JUST right. Enjoyed this.
Vivid, realistic dialogue. I love the last lines. ;)
I was the oldest cousin on my mom's side so I could certainly relate to this story. Good job:)
Your girls seemed real. Love the description of the 8 year old. This was a fun read.
Just the right touch of humor in the writing to making it entertaining and excellent dialoge between the girls to keep it interesting.
Great story. It felt so realistic, and it's great that they found a way to become friends.
*smile* I have a feeling this has a lot of nonfiction in it...right?
You have protrayed the different ages perfectly. The patience of the older cousin revealed a very special person--you? I really enjoyed the story.
I think you nailed it. Great reader involvment. Loved it. God bless.
Wonderful story. The interaction between the girls was entertaining and realistic. Very fun indeed!
Your story unfolded very true-to-life. I really enjoyed the added effect of speaking through a pillow.
Very real sounding interaction of a teen ager and an eight year old...Tish handled the situation very well, ending up making a friend out of a "would-be-enemy"... enjoyed your story...Helen
Enjoyed this tale of Hide and Seek. You are talented with conversation.
i liked this the whole way through--let's say it Entertained Karen. Snappy dialogue back and forth with a battle of wits and wills. All the different emotions came through for me. Would love to have hung out with the characters some more.
You gotta love the Katies of the world! :) I love all the detail you put in this.
The dialogue in this was spot on to how a teenager and 8 year old would interact. I like how they formed a nice little bond at the end with the Nintendo. Great writing as always from you. :)
Sara, I loved this! What an interesting relational story that turned into a bonding of two young people...loved the dialogue, the attitudes, the age appropriate expressions, etc.. brought me back to my girls when younger.. great writing from an exceptional woman!