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You certainly have a wonderful command of the English language. This well-constructed article had me going along the trip of confusion on the multi-trafficked highway to the quiet solitude where God spoke. You delivered a wonderful message here. I often wonder how people can survive, having to live in densely populated places...I liked the ending of your story, and thought you also could have entitled your story, "Camp Concentration." But instead you left that as your conclusion...Rightly so....Helen
Interesting thoughts...very creative! We all wish we could find that wooded spot, but most of us have to cut off the sounds of our life and create a quiet spot in a corner of our life, don't we.
Thank you for writing this.
This is a class act. But it needs one of those health and safety notices before reading - something like "the use of ear protectors is recommended"
The contrast was tangible once your MC reached the peace of the glade
This is SO good. Definitely out of the box, and very well written. Kudos.
So where do I sign up for this Camp? I'm ready! Superb writing.
Excellent—the language, the message and the "board of education applied to the seat of knowledge" in the woodshed. Well done.
Your entry is packed with wonderful imagery to protray its message.