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The voice in this piece is perfectly quaint and old-fashioned. Great descriptions, and such a curious event makes a wonderful anecdote. Love it!
Really good—God can work in mysterious ways, can't He.
You've created wonderful atmosphere with this piece. Fun from beginning to end.
This piece has incredible, wonderful atmosphere, and delightful characterization and sense of place. Loved this one.
Wonderful! Loved the voice and the whole tone of the piece. And I do believe in miracles. Well done.
What a delightful read!
What an awesome story... I could see this being developed into a book. LOVE the miracle.
This is a favorite, for sure. What wonderful lines: for example, the description of the phone as "hallowed by hollow and politely unproductive" and
"Folks read the news while it was still fresh."
This gives new depth and definition to the word "miracle." What a great story and well told. Kudos!
I love this! What a wonderful piece of writing. I really like this phrase: considering the lustrous, wooden device mounted in the hallway, hallowed but hollow, and politely unproductive. You gave this piece a nice touch of humor, as well.
Oooh, love the voice of this. I had a feeling that Aunt Sophie's call would be terribly important, but I didn't get the end until the very end, that the phone wasn't really connected! Amazing! I liked this and only noticed one typo, I think, "understood" should've been "understand"? Nice job! ^_^
I love an old-fashioned story like this. And what a way to bring in the use of a useless phone. You did a great job, leaving the reader with a bit of a mystery, yet alleviating the suspense of the situation..Good story telling...Helen
I enjoyed the smooth writing style and the minute details. Perfect last sentence.
That definitely was a miracle from God that made that phone work!

What more do I need to say about this? It came from Ann, so it's guaranteed that it's going to be good writing (and even better reading). :)