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Those last few lines were awesome. Nicely done.
So clever - and what a perfect title. Enjoyed this - especially that last section. Truly loved this read.
Loved the eerie atmosphere of the piece. I kept wanting to know who was calling. Very good ending too.
Hmmm. Wonder what the Reverend will be reminded of? Very creative and delightful to read.
Oooh, nice take on the topic Catlin! Held me right to the end. Loved it.
Ooh, intriguing. This kept my attention. Love the ending. Two thumbs up.
I LOVE THIS! You had me from the first sentence on! A great piece, no kidding! Kudos!
Very intriguing. It left me wishing for more!
Mysterious! The piece was good, but a little hard to understand...until the end. Very good...Helen
Exceptionally creative. I liked your talking phone much better than mine!
Wow. I liked this. I want to know more though. I think your main problem was just giving at tiny tease, when I wanted to know more! Maybe stick to two characters instead of three, (though I really did like all three of them) so you could get a little personal and add a touch more eerieness to the payphone. Good job though, the ending is chilling...^_^
So many unique entries this week, and this one is no exception. You had my attention the entire time with the eerie phone and the truths that it brought out about its callers.

A wonderful offering for this week's topic. Thank you for sharing. :)
One of my favorite "Touched by An Angel" episodes dealt with something very similar to this, but I think I like your slant a great deal more. As a matter of fact, I was considering the same angle, but now I see I wouldn't have been able to pull it off as well as you. Great job, Cat. Keep it up, your work is always refreshing to read. Loren