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Your futuristic story typifies the mother who would do anything for her child. I'd love to know more--how does the ring work? Will she have to use it now?
So amazingly descriptive and realistic, even for a futuristic setting. The emotions are so accurate and believable, and the story edge-of-my-seat engaging. Wow.
Powerful descriptions and vivid emotions.Excellent writing and great title.
I wish we got a few more what kind of a business Mega Corp is and why it's so wrong to open portals in other worlds. Very engaging story.
Gripping, engaging, and tragic.
Oh no... now she has to do what she didnt want to do.. even though her son died? So tragic. Very good writing.
This isn't my usual reading material but I couldn't stop reading this entry! It's good! You constructed it well and held my attention and I applaud your very good work! Kudos!
Your words transported me to this new world/time/place. Your characterization of the MC made her "alive" in my mind. Super. :)
Very real and engaging! I, too, would have liked to learn more in your story ( more about the ring, age of her boy, who she promised this promise to, etc). You drew me into the story with your suspenseful beginning and held my attention. So said he died at the end. Good story.
I loved this story! Wow! Very exciting. Now you have to write the rest, for me? Come on, for me? Please?
Fantastic story! Gripping, emotional, real - I was totally drawn in. I want more! (Perhaps someday we'll see the "rest of the story" on Fiction Friday?)
It's amazing how you start to get a feel for a writer's style, and this was definitely 100% Sara H. Wonderfully unique with a sci-fi/fantasy twist. I am still waiting for you to write a full length novel that I can read. Get going! :)
Sara, I love to read your pieces and this one affected me deeply... you are able to pinpoint the terror, the grief, the trauma, the helplessness of losing a loved one... Great writing... creative idea, and excellent execution!