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Your story told through telephone calls was plotted with just the right amount of suspense. I was happy to have the stalker caught.
Great idea, to tell the story via telephone messages. Kept me in suspense till the end. Glad it ended the way it did!
This article caught my attention right from the beginning. Good work.
Oh, wow! I was on the edge of my seat - especially since you've said it's true! What a terrifying time for your daughter (and you!) So glad everything turned out ok. Thanks for sharing.
Good work with the suspense. As a mom, I can relate to this, too. Nicely done.
Wow, I'm so glad for the protection from the Lord for your daughter! This was a great way to portray the story. Good job!
Very well done and such a scary story. I cant even imagine living it. SO glad God protected your daughter.
I actually had to peek to make sure it turned out ok. I was glued to the story that much! Very well done indeed!
Wow... how scary! I'm glad everything turned out fine and that your daughter was protected! One little nitpick: The detective says we need to get write down his license plates. You have an extra word... This was well written.
Oooh, this gave me shivers. So incredibly real and scary and all at the same time. I was really, really hoping it would have a good happy ending. Wow. You really nailed it here. My only red ink was a typo in the line with the detective police that was asking them to write it down, I think you have an extra word or something there, otherwise, I thought it was pretty good-it flowed well and had a good bit of suspense and emotion. ^_^
Great use of the topic, Telephone, to get your story across...Good advice too. I am so glad the story turned out okay in the long run...Helen
How frightening! You used a clever format to tell your story. Thanks for sharing a no-doubt traumatic tale.
I like how you formatted this piece with the bolded labels for each type of phone call. What a scary situation to be placed in! I'm so glad that God protected your daughter. Hallelujah is right! :)
I'm so glad that God was protecting your daughter! This would be really scary to go through...
Wow! Real adrenaline stuff here, especially knowing it really happened. I can't imagine how a Mum would feel, and it takes a lotta guts to relive the horrors again to get it off your chest. Go girl!
The format was very effective too.