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Nicely written, I enjoyed it, thank you.
This story is rich in atmosphere, and illustrates God's perfect timing.
I thought about writing a "next year in Jerusalem" story but went in a different direction. So glad someone wrote one! Good story.
Wonderful atmosphere and descriptions, and excellent characterization. This was lovely.
Beautiful story. I liked the contrast between your "dark" opening sentence and the hopeful closing.
This is by far my favorite of the week. What A PERFECT illustration of the topic, and superbly written. I am in awe...
You kept my attention from the first sentence to the last word. Well done my friend.
Six years! How her family must have been hoping each year that it would be "next year in Jerusalem". One can't even begin to guess how many times this must have happened. My paternal grandmother was a Jewess and I just loved this story.
Mid, you're such a master at anything having to do with the Jews that I am in awe. But not only do you feel passionately about them, you write passionately about them. I'm beginning to think they've never had a better champion than you! This is extremely well written, and so typical of all your work. Kudos, my dear, loving friend!
Great title, lovely story, superb characterization and description.

There were a few places where I wondered about your commas, but nothing major. This is positively your usual brilliant writing!
How touching. This is so beautifully written and the ending is just perfect. I would like to read more.
I want to know more! This was great. I liked how you kept the ink theme throughout, and I was happy to hear that her family was more than likely still alive. Thank you for sharing. :)
Thanks you masters for your expertise and encouragement that we writers experience from you, right from starting out as beginners.