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This is an awesome story. The descriptions, the emotions, the characters, the story line are all masterful. If envy of another's writing were not a sin...
Amazing! I love the emotion that comes with this atmosphere. The repeating words of how the day was just the same, really stood out for me. And your title fits wonderfully-I didn't really see the end coming because I was enjoying the story so much! Nice job. ^_^
Excellent. I had a feeling from the mother's reaction that he might not be a cousin... loved it right to the very end. Nicely done. Awesome descriptions.
Ahhhhh, you did a great job of keeping us glued to the page right to the end. Nice twist.
Great mystery, but plenty of clues as to the boy's real parentage. The mother refusing to acknowledge him, and the father taking him fishing. Not a cousin, but a half-brother.
Awesome, incredible writing here.
Love this line:
They seemed to be as different as sunshine and shadow, water and stone, sand and stars.
Well done!
Seamlessly woven tale. I felt very sorry for Lucas. Very enjoyable read.
Wonderful descriptions and detail paint this masterpiece of a story. This begs to be expanded upon. Wonderful.
Ah, I guessed the twist right at first and wasn't dissapointed. Good story.
Wow! Unexpected twist... good suspense building. I guessed it before you revealed it, but wasn't positive until you confirmed it in the end.

I loved the repetition of this paragraph: "There was nothing to mark the day from any other; the sun rose as usual, the kettle boiled, and smoke swelled from the chimney, oblivious to the small drama unfurling on the verandah." Very effective.

Great job, Cheri
An exceptionally well written story. I loved the repetition of "There was nothing to mark the day from any other..." Everything about this story draws you from beginning to end. Great job Anja :)
It's no surprise to me that you've woven another great and absolutely wonderful tale! Love every line and word in this story-it is beautifully written.
Beautiful, as always. What I love most about your writing is your gift for atmosphere. You just plop us right into the scene!
Your stories always leave me waiting to see what happens next. Usually I am good at guessing endings early on in a story, but this one really surprised me at the end.

Of course I could picture everything happening, because you know how to suck the reader into the environment and not let them go until the very end.
Truly a masterpiece. Loved the muggy days and firefly nights.
Congratulations, Ann. So glad your beautiful piece placed.
I agree, "masterpiece" fits this story pefectly. I liked how you described their differences. Well-deserved recognition. Congratulations!
Well done indeed.