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What an entertaining voice in this story, and you wrote it well. I love this line:
I turned that other cheek so many times, my neck was hurtin.
Well done!
I love that in just 750 words, this character underwent a significant transformation. That you made it seem so natural and unforced is a testament to your ability--and I love your narrator's voice. Great idioms, really super read.
Your voice here is just is your message. It's difficult to be entertaining and convicting at the same time, but you managed very well.
Well done! This was a very entertaining read, and yet so different and creative, as well as convicting.
I loved everthing about this. The voice, the message, the coming clean with God and with the reader. I hope this message reaches others and I hope it gets a ribbon tomorrow. Thanks for the brick or I may have missed it this week.
This was wonderful! Great idioms, great POV, great lesson!

You used "Faira See," "Fair a See," and "Fara See" to refer to the Pharisees. I understand the wrong spelling to be in keeping with the "voice" of the speaker, but I think I would have misspelled it the same way each time.

That one criticism aside, I LOVED this piece. Awesome job. Blessings, Cheri
Great story... I especially loved that I could hear her voice... the way she talked. I kept thinking she was man for some reason. Not sure why.
I love the voice of you MC. This was a powerful story with a powerful message. Great writing.
Hmmm, great way of puttin 'stomped' I loved the voice of this piece and especially that "fairesee" Very creative twist here, especially at the end. The italics sort of cinched it for me. ^_^
I loved the MC's accent and how you took a topic like "cousins" and actually put a really good lesson in it for all of us to absorb and carry with us.

I really enjoyed this. It was a blessing to read.
You always have the greatest phrases in your entries. I love these, "Cause she'd lie to the Pope and steal from a baby" and "I did business with God." Your lessons "cut to the quick." Great work on this, Dianne.
Great job in presenting the character's unique dialog, and effective story at illustrating the parable of the 'Faira See.' I think many people need to hear this. Note that you spelt 'Faira See' in three different ways. Was this deliberate?
Fabulous voice Dianne, I thought the "stompin the tulips" piece was masterfully done.

Great work!!