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Such real emotions here. I SO wanna know how this turned out. Masterful characterization and dialog - and emotion. Wonderfully done.
Wow! This was great. I thought I was watching a movie there until you ran out of words:( I hope it worked:)
I like how you left this lovely story open-ended for the reader to decide. Great job.
Excellent writing. You portrayed the emotions powerfully and realistically. I particularly like the way you left the ending hanging.
Well of course she accepted the kittens. I won't have it any other way, because I love happy ending. This was SO well done. I hung on every word.
This was phenomenal...I loved the line about "their Daddy getting around". I think an unexpected giggle in the middle of such an emotional story is a welcomed touch. I agree with Betty...Kitty HAD to accept them; I would have it no other way!
In a way I would have liked to have had the outcome of the story given to me, but in another way I really like being able to decide for myself.

I think that Kitty took the kittens as her own and loved them, but as far as the daughter goes, I'm not sure how long it will take for her and her mother to bond again.

Good story. I really enjoyed reading it. :)
Ahhh.... how appropriate for today, Memorial Day. I love cats, especially kittens. Good description of working through the emotions.
Well done.
Another superb story from you, Mid. Such real, gut-wrenching emotion. Although a "telling" story, you expertly "showed" every detail. Wonderful, wonderful job.
Beautiful--I love kitten stories--but my favorite part was your metaphors for the narrator's hardened heart...

...but if you take this one elsewhere, you should know that cement is just a dry, loose ingredient in concrete. You couldn't encase anything in it.

I love that even though you were spot on topic, this wasn't about the family pet at all, but about reconciliation. Perfect.
That was so not nice to end it there, but as others have said, I'll just have to supply the happy ending for myself. That is what the title suggests after all, isn't it?
Oh, you touched many emotions with this entry.
I appreciate the open ending, your words did such a fine job there was no need to tie it up...
What a wonderful story. I hoped it worked too!
Congratulations on taking 12th place in your level with this piece, Mid!
And you placed 19th overall. Awesome!